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Neon Signage

Neon signage is manufactured through neon tube bending. Neon signs are usually made in this order:

Design and Conceptualization: The neon signage is designed and conceptualized. Based on the client’s needs and brand identity, this comprises choosing signage size, shape, color, and typography.

Silicon Tube Selection: Neon signs use silicon tubes composed of silicon rubber. Depending on design complexity, these tubes are picked by diameter and length.

Cleaning and Preparation: The glass tubes are properly cleaned and prepped to remove contaminants. This prevents impurities from interfering with the neon gas within and outside the tubes and assures electrode component adherence.

Neon tube benders meticulously bend and shape the tubes to match the signage’s outline. Bending takes accuracy and skill to achieve smooth curves and angles.

Electrode Assembly: Metal electrodes like iron or aluminum are affixed to the tubes’ ends. These electrodes connect the neon tubes’ electrical current.

Wiring and Power source: The sealed neon tubes are wired to a power source to supply them with high-voltage electrical current. Transformers are used to boost the voltage of neon signs.

Testing & Quality Control: The completed neon sign is tested to ensure it performs properly and emits the desired colors and brightness. To ensure the sign satisfies client and industry standards, quality control checks are undertaken.

Installation and Display: Finally, the neon sign is erected and connected to the power source. To attract the target audience, the sign is strategically placed and oriented.

Neon Signage                     Neon Signage

Uses of Neon Signs

Neon signs are used to draw people in and bring attention to a business or product. Neon signs are a vivid and eye-catching kind of outdoor advertising that can attract the attention of potential customers. They’re a great way to draw people in and we Anubhav Advertiser can help you to stand out from the crowd at events like trade exhibits and expos or even in their own building. Neon signs are a great way to increase brand awareness because of the attention they draw and the lasting impression they make. Anubhav Advertiser aims to leave a lasting impression, generate curiosity, and draw potential customers toward your services and offerings through our best quality Neon signs services.

Custom Neon Signage


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