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Flex Board

What is Flex Board?

A flex board, also known as a flex banner or flex sign, is a type of flexible signage made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or vinyl. It’s popular for outdoor advertising and marketing. Flex boards are produced with bright graphics and text using flex printing, a digital printing technology. The printed flex material is then stretched over a frame or mounted on a surface to create an eye-catching and long-lasting sign. Flex boards are popular because of their adaptability, low cost, and ability to resist a variety of weather situations. They can be found on billboards, building facades, street poles, and trade show displays, where they successfully capture attention and transmit messages to a big audience.


Flex Board Printing                    Flex Board Printing


What are the uses of Flex Boards?

Anubhav Advertiser customizes flex boards for your advertising needs. Flex boards showcase your brand and messaging in many ways. Our flex boards are useful for the following:


Outdoor Advertising: Our high-quality flex boards are ideal for outdoor advertising. Our flex boards are durable and visible for billboards, hoardings, and banners.

Storefront Displays: Create exciting storefront displays with our flex boards to draw customers in. Display your current promos and products to increase footfall and sales.


Event Signage: Our flex boards stand out at events and exhibits. Our flex boards distinguish your brand at trade exhibitions, conferences, and promotional events.


Construction Site Signage: Our flex boards can be used as educational and promotional signage at construction sites. Show project specifics, safety recommendations, or your company’s brand.


Retail Signage: Our flex boards are perfect for stores. Showcase specials, discounts, and new products. Our flex boards improve retail sales with vivid visuals and clear messaging.


Street Pole Banners: Advertise on street poles or lamp posts with our flex boards. Local promotions, community messages, and event announcements are cost-effective with them.


Sports Events and Stadiums: Use our flex boards to promote your business or sponsorships. Show sports fans team logos, sponsor advertisements, or messages.


Vehicle Wraps: Flex boards turn vehicles into moving billboards. Our vehicle wraps advertise to a broad audience on cars, buses, and other vehicles.


Anubhav Advertiser understands the many uses of flex boards and offers customized solutions. Flex printing guarantees clear, bright, and long-lasting messages. Contact us to learn how our flex boards can boost brand awareness and advertising results.


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