3D Led Board

3D Led Board

It is true that Anubhav Advertiser offers a variety of services relating to the production and installation of a wide range of different kinds of signage by utilizing 3D LED Board technology. The following is an overview of the potential components that each of these goods may include:


Acrylic Letter Boards: Acrylic letter boards are signage manufactured from either colorful or clear acrylic material. To produce a 3D look, the lettering or graphics are often laser-cut. Anubhav Advertiser’s services may include design advice, material selection, exact laser cutting, LED illumination, and installation of acrylic letter boards. These boards are frequently used for business logos, indoor and outdoor signage, and other advertising displays.


3D letter boards: For 3D letter boards, different materials, such as acrylic, metal, or wood, are used to create three-dimensional letters or shapes. LEDs can illuminate these letters or shapes to produce a visually arresting effect. The 3D letter board services offered by Anubhav Advertiser may include design understanding, material selection, manufacture, LED illumination, and installation. These boards are well-liked for branding, exhibitions, and stores.


Glow Sign Boards: Illuminated signs known as “glow sign boards” are frequently used for branding and advertising. Typically, they have an acrylic or flexible front that is backlit or front-lit, and LEDs are placed behind the face to provide a glowing effect. In order to provide glow sign boards, Anubhav Advertiser may design the sign face, choose the right lighting, build the structure, incorporate LEDs, and assure proper installation. These boards are frequently used outdoors to attract attention, particularly at night.



Glow Sign Board                        3D Letter Board



Here are a few questions you might want to ask about these kinds of services:


Design and Customization: How much can you help with the design? Can you bring your own artwork or ideas, or do they only do design?

What kinds of materials are used to make the boards? Acrylic, wood, metal, or something else? What are the choices for the sign’s face?

What kind of LED technology do they use to make the lights? Is it sturdy and good for the environment? Can they offer different kinds of lights, like LEDs that change color?

Installation: Do they offer services for installation? If so, is it part of the deal or does it cost extra?

Maintenance: Ask about how to take care of the LED boards and how long they will last. How easy is it to switch out LEDs if they go out?

Ask to see examples of their past work and if they can give you references from people they’ve worked with before.


Keep in mind that the details of Anubhav Advertiser’s services are great, so it’s best to contact us personally for the most accurate and up-to-date information on our services, pricing, and process.

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